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Little did Tish Holland and Cassandra Prescott realize that when artist Ted DeGrazia personally asked them to translate his designs into needlepoint that a successful long time business career would be born. The year was 1973 and both eagerly accepted, even though neither Tish nor Cassie knew anything about needlepoint.

DeGrazia requested they make the patterns easy to do and affordable so everyone could enjoy stitching his art. They accepted the challenge immediately and raced to the nearest local shop to learn to needlepoint. This worked to their advantage because they soon realized that to keep the integrity of the original art; it must to be hand painted. Tish had studied art in college, so she developed their painting techniques. Cassie knew sewing and crewel embroidery and developed the stitching. Soon, both were accomplished painters and stitchers.

Tish and Cassie opened a small retail shop in 1979 in the DeGrazia Studio Shops to showcase their line. That small shop moved three times and continued in business for twenty-three years.

Today, Cassie and her daughter Nandra continue to create, license and produce the designs of several artists. Please look through our website and enjoy a feast for your eyes. Our website is for everyone to see, but we only sell to needlework shops. So, if you see something you like, contact your local needlework shop (or click here for stores in your area) and they can order it for you. If you do not have a local store, contact us and we will refer you to a shop that does mail order.